“Cece Chapman has discovered that the undiscovered country called consciousness resides in video, and she asks us to get up and dance to the whistling wind in the viewing room of Plato’s cave while consciousness blinks its merry flicker on the wall. Indeed, with the metaphors, mirror, magic, shadow, and mystery, Chapman creates a skin for dreams to live in, a skin as thin as a digital shadow.” Houston Literary Review about 34FATE video series.

UPCOMING, ONGOING: Selected video, summer 2021, Cotuit Center for the Arts, Massachusetts

Choreography in Time And Space, Timespecific

Love Fugitif 2020. Three haiku video poems consider the ephemeral state of love, Once in a Blue Moon, Feng Shui Fiesta, and Shipwrecked. With Diana Magallon, Jeff Harrison, Jeff Crouch music. 2020. NASA comet segment.

DreamDance 2007. Who are we in our dreams? What do we do in half our life? Deirdre Lynds music. Night, Sleep &Dream series. Litchaos about Dream Dance, “Another kickass short movie by Cecelia Chapman.” Houston Literary Review arts editor Jeff Crouch about Night, Sleep& Dream video series, “Who’s been spying on my dreams? Living on my computer, showing up in the weeds? The ticket, the departure, and yes, I’ve caught you, but what does it matter? You’ve gone again like my last layer of skin.”
Dear Robot 2018. A personal housebot goes rogue on an emergency disaster relief mission. With Diana Magallon and Jeff Crouch music. Found clips.

PreDawn 2011. From Danger Archive. Jeff Crouch music. Steve Johnson cell video. “Predawn reminded me of Lynch, which is of course a huge compliment.” Jonathan Minton, Word for Word.

In My Dream of You 2020. With Rafael Gonzalez, mail collaboration. Mixed Harry Partch music, clips from Design for Dreaming advertisement, both sourced Prelinger Archives. “I would very much be interested in including “Predawn” and “In My Dream of You” in issue 37…Both of those films have a surrealist touch to them (Predawn reminded me of Lynch, which is of course a huge compliment) and “In My Dream of You” strikes me as retro, futurist, and contemporary all at the same time. You are very talented. Jonathan Minton, Word for Word. 

El Dorado was the new world king who dusted himself with gold. Adventurers, conquistadors, con men, kings, and pirates hunted him, killed him, and took his lands and gold. Some things never change… no? 2012. Blaine Reininger music. Kristina Barvels, Brad Gigliotti. Adapted from a California newspaper story of two robbers on the run, the woman killed her partner and escaped with his car and the gold. From the Badlands series.

VIDEO INDEX 2019-2006


Choreography In Time And Space is featured on Timespecific’s front page….archive link is: with Central Booking New York.

Dear Robot, Art Gallery Studio 44 @Slipvillan, Stockholm, Sweden

In My Dream of You 2020, stills and video, and

Drone Drama: Music for the Dead, August Acud Macht Neu Berlin

Evoking 2020 and and

I Have Collected All the Writings of the Empire and Burnt Those Which Were of No Use, Stations of the Cross, Chapter 2, 2018

Dear Friend 2020, a mail art performance,

3 videos from Club Paradise 2019, Last Exit, Club Paradise, Cabo Peligro


…is a video series that examines challenges humanity faces…

Hey Marty,

Dragonfly Winter,

White Yang,

Radius Shutdown, @SlowForward @NewMediaFest2020 and  and Network Artists Database

The Moon Beneath Her Feet,

Renounce the Trolley Problem,