VIDEO 2018-2019


Dear Robot, An Ordinary Day Film Festival, Stockholm, August 13 – 18 2019

Selected video listed at Magmart

Heaven of Zero

Tears In The Night

Tears in the Night, Club Paradise,

Race the Sun, Club Paradise,

Moon On Fire Meditation, Club Paradise,

Moving Poems, 5 videos,

Last Exit, Club Paradise,

Hey Marty, Watchfiends,

Dragonfly Winter, Watchfiends,


Done Drama: Music for the Dead, Chapter 10, 2016 with Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, Loophole Berlin, Germany 17/10

Dear Robot 2018 with Jeff Crouch, Diana Magallon, and
Videobook with Rafael Gonzalez 2018.

Drone Drama: Music for the Dead, Chapter 10, Primal Uproar III, MS Stubnitz, Hamburg, Germany 6/29

Send Love: time flows backwards here 2018 with Rafael Gonzalez, video, and

Asemic VideoBook 2017 with Rafael Gonzalez

Existential Vacuum 2017, Chapter 1 from I Have Collected All the Writings of the Empire and Burnt Those Which Were of No Use with Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt,

Knuckleshop 2008 Berlin Mitte Media Festival 04/20