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Trouble in Club Paradise 2019. Notorious vacations in literature, news and film reimagined in polaroid, Cape Cod. Book of original 12 polaroids.

The Image Vanishes 2015, examines democracy, propaganda and synchronicity in two films produced 75 years apart. Digital print folding book.

Captain Komodo 2015. Lines from the Malay Sufi, ‘Poem of the Boat,’ illustrated with photographs from a South China Seas surf trip in a time of extreme cultural conflict. Digital print folding book.

Bandit Queen 2016. A biographic poem of the woman who was the inspiration for the pulp fiction, Zorro. Digital print folding book.

Do Your Homework 2014. ‘I was out walking, thinking about bees, or, the extinction of bees when I found a soaked study book on the hill…’ Digital print folding book.

Page Two, a spy story for SPY Siberia 2014, ‘Graham Greene: The Man Within.’ Digital print folding book.

Deadmans 2014, Northern California noir, surf, flash graphic fiction at

Dragon Seed 2014. A mail art mystery with Jeff Crouch. Unique book.

Target Practice 2014. Because violence is like shooting a feather. Unique book.

Apprehension 2015. Four political prisoners at large. Digital print folding book.

BoomBoom Room 2015 sees sound, testing viewers to perceive sound visually and conceptually. Digital print folding book.

Electric Landscape: Ley Lines, Vile Vortices 2014. Examines earth mysteries: ancient sites of energy sources. Digital print folding book. 

Dive!Afrique, postapocalyptic, flash graphic fiction 2004. Digital print folding book.

La Dama Says Yes, postapocalyptic, flash graphic fiction 2004. Digital print folding book.

Covers of Adventuress and Waitress 2004, short graphic stories.

COMMENTS: RE/Search publisher V. Vale about Adventuress graphic fiction,  “I was very moved by your publication which is so beautiful.”

Unlikelystories editor J.Penton about Dive!Afrique and La Dama Says Yes, “eye candy, good stuff like that.”

Enfuego editor Noelani Price, “We really enjoy your work, particularly the way you integrate images into your text, and felt Beachrocks was a great fit for our inaugural issue…”

Mapache: He Who Watches, and Why the Lone Ranger Stole Tonto’s Mask 2015. Raccoon study.

RBeast 2016, photography.

Haiku Blue 2014. Visual poems.

The Conservator 2014, short speculative fiction, Bill Olver Editor.

Pool#4 2014, short speculative fiction!black-chaos/clc2

Monkey Business 2013, short fiction!apeshit/c1m3f

Evidence of Things Not Seen 2012, short fiction

Not For Long 2012, short fiction!big-pulp-fall-2012/c1n61

Wild Fire 2010, short fiction

What They Never Tell You 2010, short fiction

Savage Rip 2008, short fiction

Evie’s Red Hair 2008, short fiction

Black Pearls 2008. short fiction

Diablo Winds 2006, flash graphic fiction,

Wild Goose Valley 2006, flash graphic fiction,

Wicked, Wicked Moon 2006, flash graphic fiction,

BeachRocks 2005, graphic fiction, 

ManHunt 2005, flash graphic fiction,

White Widow 2005, flash graphic fiction,

Femme Fatale 2005, flash graphic fiction,